Zeroes is puzzle game for Android phones and tablets. You’ve thought that math is hard and boring. Now learn that math can be beautiful and fun.

Your goal is simple. Make zero on every dot! How to prove it? By placing blocks with math operations on dots. There are several types of blocks to use. Blocks with plus, minus, multiplication or division, horizontal, vertical and diagonal, shorter or longer. You have to use them all to solve every puzzle. But mostly, you have to use your intelligence!

You can download Zeroes from Google Play for free!

Completely without adds or microtransactions 😉

Get it on Google Play

It is also available for Windows Phone, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 via Windows Store.

Windows Store


Zeroes Powers And Roots


Powers and Roots Update:

Powers and Roots is new free update, which brings 20 new levels to Zeroes. Discover powers and roots, and use them to solve puzzles!

Get it on Google Play

Windows Store

Zeroes Modulo


Modulo Update:

Modulo is free update, which adds new world with 20 levels and blocks with modulo operation. Are you smart enough to solve them all?

Get it on Google Play

Windows Store

8 responses

  1. I would pay for this game. It’s great. Don’t feel bad about charging for the smart work you’ve done. But I’m stuck on the second to final level; scratching my head.

  2. Zeroes is a simple yet brilliant game. ….addictive. I just finished the modulo level. This is a great game, I would gladly pay for more updates. Well done Mr. Marek.

  3. Is there a way to have the tracks of the game?
    I would like to listen to them without having to launch the game…

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