YodaQA learned to tweet

YodaQA learned how to use twitter during easter holidays. You can ask it by sending tweet with question to @askYodaQA . YodaQA will answer you shortly. How is it possible? I created app in the Google’s App Script, which handles receiving question from twitter and answering them. Why did I create it? YodaQA can reach more […]

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Breathers combat

Breathers Postmortem

I will show you something, which most of you don’t know it even exists and I work on it. I developed another game. It is called Breathers. Another game means another postmortem. This postmortem is written one month after the previous one for Zeroes. Don’t be scared, the development took a little bit longer (but only […]

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Zeroes music

Add sounds and music!

Hi! I wrote last time, that Zeroes will be released during September. I counted days, during which I will be able to develop and realized with fright, that I have only two prolonged weekends until end of August. I created list of necessary features. I know, that release in time will be possible now. But it will […]

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Zeroes zero

I test!

Hi, there is another recap, what I have done since last blog. I tuned technical aspects of Zeroes according to feedback which I have gained. I let my grandma to play Zeroes, as you may noticed on Twitter, when I was visiting her during weekend. Result was surprising for me. She wasn’t able to move with […]

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