Zeroes music

Add sounds and music!

Hi! I wrote last time, that Zeroes will be released during September. I counted days, during which I will be able to develop and realized with fright, that I have only two prolonged weekends until end of August. I created list of necessary features. I know, that release in time will be possible now. But it will […]

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Zeroes zero

I test!

Hi, there is another recap, what I have done since last blog. I tuned technical aspects of Zeroes according to feedback which I have gained. I let my grandma to play Zeroes, as you may noticed on Twitter, when I was visiting her during weekend. Result was surprising for me. She wasn’t able to move with […]

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Zeroes easing

Make it juicy!

Hi, there is another blog about development of Zeroes. Development is running again at full speed, because I finished the examination period (almost completely successfully) and I have much more time to make Zeroes now. What have I made since last update? I created and implemented system for juicing the game! I must say, that game […]

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This is Zeroes!

I develop game called Zeroes. You probably don’t know what it is. Zeroes is puzzle game. What is it about? You will be given several points, each with number, such as one, two or three. You will have also blocks with mathematical operations like +1, x4 or -2. Your goal is to place these blocks […]

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Ludum Dare Lethal Throw

Results of Ludum Dare are here!

As you alredy know from prewious blog post, I created with my brother game Lethal Throw for 32nd Ludum Dare. Our game was competing in jam category against another 1468 games all around the world. It achieved 32nd place in innovation category and 54th place in fun category. It is huge success for me.

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