The Alex Prize

Our team was selected to The Alexa Prize

The Alexa Prize is competition organized by Amazon for student teams. The goal is to create chatbot for the Amazon Alexa, which should be able to communicate with human about any topic like politics, sport, news, movies and so on. The grand challenge is to engage human for twenty minutes. Our team from eClub Prague is participating! […]

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Alquist the bot

I worked in the eClub Summer Camp this summer again. My task was to develop system allowing creation of chatbots and use it to make chatbot helping customers to choose their new smartphone. The result is Alquist. This is blog, which I wrote with my colleague Jakub Konrád and my boss Jan Šedivý: Intelligent chat bots […]

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YodaQA learned to tweet

YodaQA learned how to use twitter during easter holidays. You can ask it by sending tweet with question to @askYodaQA . YodaQA will answer you shortly. How is it possible? I created app in the Google’s App Script, which handles receiving question from twitter and answering them. Why did I create it? YodaQA can reach more […]

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Breathers combat

Breathers Postmortem

I will show you something, which most of you don’t know it even exists and I work on it. I developed another game. It is called Breathers. Another game means another postmortem. This postmortem is written one month after the previous one for Zeroes. Don’t be scared, the development took a little bit longer (but only […]

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