I was wondering, what video games you can create when you are not limited by keyboard, touch screen or gamepad. When you can create your own type of controller. We decided to create our own controller when I found an article by Alan Zucconi about his DodecaLEDron.

I and my brother create Project Notouch. It is touchless game controller made out of Arduino. We use several IR sensors to track user’s hand. We can use up to twelve sensors, which can tell us, how far the hand is.

The controller itself can be great, however, it is useless when you don’t have games to play with it. This is the second goal of this project. The first goal is the controller itself. We have also the third one. It is to write tutorials, how to create your own controller.

Why do we do it? Because we are curious what game we will be able to play with it and we want to learn new things. We have learned about Arduino, IR distance sensors, how to create them and how to read data from it, how to correct it by Kalman filter or how to write communication between controller and computer.

We created a separate website about it for those interested. You can read much more about it there. This article is only brief intro. You can also track our progress on Trello.

Project Notouch websites

Project Notouch Trello

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