Otevřená Informatika

Vypracované magisterské státnicové okruhy programu Otevřená Informatika

Vypracované okruhy magisterského programu Otevřená informatika 1) Standardní grafové úlohy s polynomiální složitostí řešení. Kombinatorické a číselně teoretické algoritmy, izomorfizmus, prvočíselnost. Vyhledávací stromy a jejich využití. Vyhledávání v textu založené na konečných automatech. A4M33PAL PAL Pokročilá algoritmizace 2) Třídy složitosti úloh/jazyků a to jak vzhledem k časové složitosti jejich řešení, tak i paměťové složitosti včetně […]

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The Story of Alquist

There is one rule of cinematography which holds since its beginning. You can’t talk to actors on the screen. We broke that rule thanks to AI in our experimental short movie The Story of Alquist. It was last year when we decided to give ourselves a challenging task. We dreamed about the first artificial actor […]

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Voice-controlled robo-barista

It was time after Alexa Prize 2017 when our team was looking for some new challenges to tackle on. One of the possibilities which we saw was to apply our knowledge of conversational AI in some practical task. The opportunity appeared unexpectedly. One company located in the same building as our team asked us to […]

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Arduino LED array

Some time ago I decided to create 8×8 LED array for Arduino. It took me three weekends, a lot of soldering, painting, and coding to achieve it. But it is done! Code is on the GitHub: https://github.com/thePetrMarek/ArduinoLedArray Watch the video above before you continue, please. It is only 30 second of your life 😉 . I decided […]

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Sequence of digits recognition

I took optional online course “Deep learning” on Udacity this semester. I learned how deep, convolution and recurrent neural networks work, how to use them and how to write them using the Tensorfow. The final project of this course is to build live camera app. The app should be able to recognize sequences of digits. This […]

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